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Tarp Accessories

Tarp accessories are essential pieces of equipment used in conjunction with a tarpaulin or canopy of your choice. Depending on the application, you’ll require tarp tie downs, ball bungees, bungee straps, tarp rope, and twine.

You want a secure tent tie-down, and rubber tie downs are crucial for keeping a tarp or tent secure. Ball bungees for tarps are another great product – they are re-usable tarp fasteners that can be used for fastening a canopy cover to the frame.

There are other means to secure a tarp. A roll of twine or poly rope can be used to tie down your tarp and keep it tightly locked in place. Tarp rope is especially useful on dump truck tarps or other vehicle covers that require the load or freight beneath to be bound in a strong way. Rubber tie down straps are also intended for use on truck covers.

At Tarps Wholesaler, we aim to speed things up. With our quality line of tarp accessories and supplies, you can quickly tack a tarpaulin in place and keep it down even amidst high winds or fierce storms.