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Poly Sheeting

Poly sheeting is a popular choice in the world of protective covers. It is also known as polyethylene sheeting, poly film, or even plastic sheeting. Manufactured from polyethylene, also known as polythene, it allows for various home and industrial usage.

Tarps Wholesaler supplies quality plastic films in a variety of thicknesses. The thickness of the poly film will determine its strength. Different applications may benefit from a thicker plastic covering, or even a fire-retardant plastic sheeting. Choose from 3 mil plastic sheeting to 10 mil plastic sheeting, with the most common size in the thickness rating for plastic sheeting being 6 mil.

Many of our plastic sheeting rolls can be classified as heavy-duty plastic sheeting. What will it depend on? The project it is being used for! Since the term "heavy-duty" is attributed when something is made to withstand extensive exposure, strain, or use, it will vary for different projects.

Here is a comprehensive guide of the basic applications that can be used with the thicknesses of poly films. It will help you gain insight for selecting the right thickness grade for your project.

3-5 Mil Poly Sheeting:
Generally, 3 mil thickness for poly films will provide light to moderate protection. It can be used as an equipment cover, cover for furniture during an indoor paint job, or simply as a protective dust cover or moisture cover. Other uses for 3 mil poly sheeting include counter covers, carpet covers, and floor covers.

6 Mil Poly Sheeting:
6 Mil poly sheeting is a thicker cover that can effectively be used as liners for heavier-duty applications. It can serve as a boat cover or a construction enclosure. Other common uses for 6 mil poly sheeting include shipping and packaging covers, lumber covers, cargo wraps, and the like.

10 Mil Poly Sheeting:
10 Mil poly sheeting is the industry standard for ultra-thick poly films, and it is suitable for many outdoor projects. It will effectively keep out harmful fumes and can, therefore, be used as a vapor retarder, fumigation cover, or temporary insulation cover. It is often used for asbestos abatements, and it corresponds to building code specifications. It can also be hung as a temporary wall during a construction or renovation project, among many other industrial and factory benefits.
Clear plastic sheeting of 10 mil will effectively seal off cold air. This makes it especially useful for when a storm or hurricane strikes, and a wind-protective cover is needed in addition to keeping out the outside elements and debris from the indoor structure.

Our films are packaged in rolls of clear plastic. Thus, thicker density poly sheeting will mildly conceal the objects it is covering.

Poly Sheeting

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