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White Ball Bungees (Pack of 10)

SKU# BB-9W-10-W

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9" Inch

White Ball Bungees (Pack of 10)

SKU# BB-9W-10-W

Availability: In stock

  • White Ball Bungees
  • Pack of 10
  • size 9" inch
  • Prolongs the life of tarps & grommets by allowing slight movement
  • Used to secure tarps to canopy frames or other fixed points

EASY TIE DOWN: In a matter of seconds, keep your belongings where you need them to be, stress and worry free – just wrap through grommets, around poles, or anything else that needs to be secured.
EXTREMELY STRETCHY: Our bungee ball cords have high elasticity so you can tie them around all sorts of loops, poles, and pillars for incredible dependability – they won’t break or split easily with force.
RELIABLE SAFETY AND SECURITY: Keep your tarps on the ground securely and safely with our bungee ball cords that are the best option in tying down all sorts of tarps, sheets, canopies, and more!
ORGANIZE YOUR HOME: Not only are they ideal for outdoor tarps and canopies but they are extremely useful indoors as they can be used to hold together various items and tie up loose cables.
VARIOUS SIZES AND AMOUNTS: With 6", 9" or 11" cords available, you are definitely going to find the right bungee ball cords for your situation – get a pack of 10, 25, or 100 for your home.



Ball Bungees are widely used to secure tarps to canopy frames or other fixed points.

Make tying down tarps and binding all sorts of objects a breeze with The tarps wholesaler Bungee Ball Cords. These ball bungee ropes are the perfect tools to make sure your covers and wall mounts stay on the way you want them to!

Keeping canopies safely secure on your patio or backyard can be tricky, especially on windy days and normal ties can be too feeble to get the job done. Our ties come with weighted little bungee balls on the end you can tie through grommets and loops to make sure it won't untie or loosen even through strong winds.


  • Extreme Stretch
  • Ball Ties
  • Black or White
  • Use them on Tarps, Canopies, Covers
  • Stretchy Ties for Great Versatility
  • Sizes Available: 6”, 9”, and 11”
  • Pack of 10, 25, or 100


The less secure your covers are, the faster they will wear down. The way you secure them down is the key to keeping them lasting longer and our bungee ball cords are the best way to do that. Effortlessly pull them through the grommets of your tarp and tie them around the bungee ball and you'll notice that your tarp will be moving less and staying more firmly wherever you want it to be.


All those wires exposed in the corner of the house are now much easier to organize with our bungee ties! With a few simple loops, you’ll have all your wires in one place so that they're never out in the open for you to trip over or make your home look like a mess. Use them to easily mount picture frames and mirrors on your walls in a neat fashion.


As useful as they are in keeping your precious belongings safe and secure, the bungees themselves are incredibly powerful! They're packed with a variety of resistances so they don't break easily. In a case where one needs to be replaced, they're easy to remove and apply so it's always a cinch to keep your things safe!